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Polo school

La Sofia offers polo practice and theory lessons for those who want to learn how to play or improve their game. In order to practice and improve the different strokes we also use the wooden horse. The instructor, Marcos Antín Güiraldes (cv) is a professional player with a wealth of experience in national and international polo teaching and playing. He is also a referee and co-founder of the Argentina Association of referees.

There is also a riding school for guests who want to learn how to ride or improve their style.
We have horses and teams for all age groups and levels. Games of 4 to 6 chukkers are organized.

At La Sofia we offer tailormade polo programes for beginners and advanced players of any duration between 1 day (La Sofia Poloday) and up to several weeks. These programmes are:

- Riding & Polo for beginners: a polo lesson and/ or a riding lesson.
- Intensive for Beginners: Polotraining twice a day with pololessons in the morning and play chukker(s) in the afternoon)
- Intensive for advanced players: Polotraining twice a day with lessons/ stick& ball in the morning and play 4 chukkers in the afternoon)
- Intensive Premium: for experienced players with (4 to) 6 chukker matches at La Sofia or other selected clubs of the area, 6 to up to 18 goals matches.

These programs include accommodation and full board at La Sofia, if wished. Please contact us through the reservation sheet.
During the season, La Sofia participates at several oficial polo tournaments organized by the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) or private tournaments in the área. For advanced players we offer stays at La Sofia with representing La Sofia Polo Team in one of the these tournaments.
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